I love seeing black women and white men together, however I usually find the commentary on similar blogs offensive and degrading to these beautiful women. As a result I've started my own blog that contains all the heat without any of the offense. NSFW - ADULT BLOG



Tumblr is slipping…this blog crossed the 5K mark this week and I didn’t get a notification or a badge!

Well anyway, thanks to everyone following. Didn’t think a BWWM group would take off without the usual off-putting race play, but apparently there is an audience for “reverse interracial” sans racism and misogyny.

Because it bears repeating…Black women are beautiful.  White men are beautiful.  Black women and white men together are beautiful.

Carry on…



Aryana Starr 11 - Asslick 2

Should be every white mans dream. If it’s never happened to you you have no idea what your missing out on!